Have you figured the role of Voice?

Razr works on emotion detection by integrating our API's into your CRM analyzing thousands of chats & calls to give you a true rating of your customer sentiments & improving turnaround time within key departments in an organziation.



With our Emosys(Text), customers can now track customer sentiment & engagement with thousands of chats & emails onto a single CRM which further tracks turnaround time taken by key departments to pin-point the type of issues populating frequently.


With our Emosys(Voice), customers can now analyse thousands of hours of customer voice recordings onto a single CRM & formulate a sentiment score. Further with advanced natural language processing, we track key keywords to analyze type of issues customers are facing.

AI Driven Smart Call Center:

With the rollout of Google Duplex-a smart Ai driven personal assistant scheduling calls/appointments etc, we prepare your business by building next generation of Voice assistants managing thousands of customer queries in realtime.



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